10: I guess I don’t know what day it is…

because I think I have miscounted the days of Advent.  Typical.  Let’s blame the wine, not my utter contempt for calendars and watches and all that fancy stuff.  

Wine: Chenin blanc (I threw the bottle away, so I can’t tell you what it’s supposed to taste like, but I’ll say this: it smells way sweet, like Welch’s white grape juice.  Isn’t sweet immediately, but has a very sweet finish that won’t quite go away.)  If I’m being brave enough to call it on my own, it’s pear-y. 

Cheese: Gouda. Again.  And today, I flipped over the calendar and noticed the nutritional information…for 5 cheeses.  So, I think I have a few more red Leicesters in my future.  But!  Edam was also listed, and I haven’t had that yet, so there’s something to look forward to.  I have also probably ruined the mystery of the Advent calendar. It might to early to tell, but I think next year I’ll just buy the wine calendar (because fun) and just pack my fridge full of cheese so I can pair that myself.  Who am I kidding?  My fridge is always full of cheese.  

I’ve been wondering all day about what I might write about this evening, and haven’t quite come up with anything enticing/enthralling/engaging and all the other “en-” words.  It’s finals week at the university where I work.  I’ve been watching these kids gear up for the final hurrah of 2018, the end of their first semester or final semester, and it’s been fun.  But also hectic and nostalgic, in some ways, too.  I’ve taken the scenic route for the duration of my education.  My BA took close to 6 years and two schools.  I worked weird jobs, then fell into libraries.  The MLIS came next, and I’ve worked in public, special, and now an academic setting.  I’m THISCLOSE to finishing an MFA (which is all I really wanted in the first place, but that is an entirely different story).  I had a professor at my first undergrad school who said that “our transcripts should look like passports” when we’re done.  Well, Dr Janice Dewey, wherever you are, I think I might have accomplished that. If nothing else, maybe that. But I want to scream at these kids, “You’ll be fine! Whatever happens, you’ll be fine!!”

I did fire off a letter to the publisher of our local paper today.  If I have any news on that front, I’ll share what my beef has been about.  What’s that?  Oooh..a teaser!

And for no good reason, here’s a picture of Jasper Jasperillo the Weimaraner and yours truly, messy morning-style.

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