5 & 6: I already fell behind

But, I have a good reason.  Well, like three.  But one big one.

World, Jasper.  Jasper, world.  

Wine: Merlot (Chilean, intense cherry and plum) & Shiraz (Australian, cherry and plum, hints of pepper and vanilla)

Cheese: Gouda and Havarti

Additional food: Aldi bleu cheese and pear flatbread, because two pieces of cheese wasn’t going to do it this evening

So yes, it’s a two glass night.  Darn.

So this dog is Jasper (aka Malachi, but when I brought him inside from the car, my husband said, Oh, he’s not a Malachi.  He’s definitely a Jasper). He comes to us from the Louisville Weimaraner Rescue.  If you know us, you know that we had two Weims previously, Moby and Joni.  It’s a breed that has our hearts. Look at that face??  Who couldn’t love that? I mean his.  I’ve looked better.

So, yes, I’ve fallen behind here.  And I’ve fallen behind on a couple of other things, too, so this weekend is going to be a major catch-up for me.  I feel like I play catch-up a lot, so by now, I should be used to it.  I’m just going to take my time and make a list and trudge forward.  What I get done, I get done.  What remains uncrossed off stays there until later.  After all, Advent is the season of preparing, of getting ready, of waiting.  Nothing happens all at once.  Every day, every turn of the wheel, gets us closer to where we want to be.

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