Day Three: Disaster?

Wine: Chardonnay

(Generous and vibrant with ripe tropical fruit flavors and a burst of peach and melon on the palate. This ripe, fresh wine is balanced with a long finish)

Cheese: Red Leicester

(This cheese smells like Kraft Mac and Cheese, which is not a deal breaker for me)

I don’t have a photo to share this evening, but I do have a lot of thoughts.  First, there is a nice melon finish to this chardonnay.  Second,I really wish that Aldi would specify the cheese and wine.  Name them, dammit, so I can go buy them if I want.

I was checking books in today with some of my co-workers,and one of them noticed that one was signed. The book was The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  I posted the picture of the signed page to a social media outlet, and one of my aunts had an interesting take (we saw the movie together, but this has to do with the book.)  She told me that as an incoming freshman at Ohio State, her son was assigned The Glass Castle as a community read. My young cousin asked, “ Who is to blame for those kids’ lives, the mom or the dad?” My aunt said she didn’t get a chance to answer; my young cousin answered that “Of course, it was the mom”, to which my aunt said, “I’d never even thought of placing blame”. 

This small exchange makes me think about how much responsibility we place on mothers. How there is this ideal that comes from somewhere, and if we don’t live up to it, we feel like failures. Mothering looks so different from family to family, and from child to child.  I struggle with it every day.  My boys are Irish Twins, 16 months apart.  The things that they need are so closely  related, the things that I must give them are so closely related, that it’s tough to make each one feel special. They know that they are THISCLOSE to mom.   And I love that; my boys know how much I love them, I think.       

I know this blog/entry/ whatever isn’t funny.  I haven’t had a very funny day.  However,  I have talked/emailed/texted with so many people I love .  Old girlfriends, my brothers .I might even be brave enough to tag y’all.

It’s not a secret that I’ve been working on an MFA.  That one of the major themes in my poems is motherhood.  Some days it feels like a win.  Some days it feels like the farthest thing from that.  I guess, again, the idea is balance, which I just can’t always get a handle on.

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