Day Two: Cabernet, Guilt, and Joni Mitchell

Night Two: Does Cabernet Pair With Dirty Laundry?

Wine: Australian Cab

(Supposed to have notes of blackberry, black currant, cherry, and vanilla.  Add a crust and it’s a pie)

Cheese: Mature Gouda

I’ll just say upfront I am not a cabernet kind of girl.  If I’m going to drink something that makes my teeth look like dirty vampire fangs, I’ll choose a pinot noir.  But, I’ll take one for the team and drink this cab.

I’ve had these Joni Mitchell lyrics running through my head lately:

I’m always running behind the time
Just like this train
Shaking into town
With the brakes complaining

And it’s probably the holidays, the stress of wondering if I’m going to give my kids a “good enough” Christmas (fearing a look of disappointment if they don’t get that very exact thing that they wanted), the grief of missing loved ones, the packed calendar and wanting to say no to some things. Then the overwhelming guilt finds me. The fear of not measuring up is always at the front of my mind. And I’m always running late, it seems.  Always wanting to push myself to be more and everything to everyone, knowing that I can’t. Sometimes I hear my brakes complaining, and usually I ignore that groan.  I find it hard to stay in the moment, or in the now, or whatever.  I have friends who swear by yoga, by meditation, prayer, or all of the above.  I haven’t been able to train my brain to find that sweet spot, the place where I can see the ledge, but haven’t yet gotten there.  The place where I can just inhale and start stepping back.  Surely I’m not alone, right? 

But back to the wine and cheese and away from my fears and inadequacies.  The cab is pretty good.  Cherry forward, I’d say. And the buttery fat of the gouda is a good match. It balances out the dryness of the cabernet. 

I’m always looking for that balance.

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